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Sydney Asbestos Removal

Mr Fibro is a family owned Australian company based in Sydney offering asbestos fibre removal, strip outs, light demolition, rubbish removal and strata maintenance for over 20 years and works strictly to the highest health & safety standards.

When dealing with asbestos disposal, you should never trust unlicensed contractors to handle asbestos and rubbish removal, strip outs, and strata maintenance.

We are a fully licensed asbestos removal company and fully insured as well highly capable of handling your asbestos removal needs. Mr. Fibro is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week with council approval.

Our asbestos removal company services the Sydney area including Penrith, Mt Druitt, Richmond, St. Mary's, Ryde, Illawarra , Blue Mountains, The Hunter Valley, Springwood, Blackheath, Mulgoa, Warragamba, Katoomba, Leura, Lithgow, South Coast, Sydney and Western Sydney.

"We take the stress and worry out of asbestos removal at a fraction of the price compared with other strip out alternatives. Sydney Asbestos Removal offers everything that needs to be done to safely identify, remove and dispose of this deadly material - Mr Fibro | Sydney Asbestos Removal."

What is Asbestos?

Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral that was once mined. It is majorly used in asbestos-cement sheet, prefabricated walls, roof tiles, water tanks & pipes, some automotive parts, heaters, ovens, hairdryers and many more!

  • Asbestos is invisible to the naked eye.
  • Its size can splinter from a 100th/1000th the thickness of a human hair & smaller!
  • When asbestos is breathed in, it burrows down into the lung. Where does it go? This is a lottery but if it burrows into the plurasic cavity; the space between your lungs & chest, then mesothelioma (lung cancer) is very probable. This disease has claimed thousands of lives around the world & will claim many more into the future as it can take up to 40+ years from the first exposure till the growth of cancer to occur.

  • Even though a lot of us didn’t know all this information in our youth & may have already breathed in fibres, it is not yet late to consider asbestos removal. By breathing in more fibres, you are increasing the risk of lung cancer.

    We owe it to our children & future generations to prevent such exposure to asbestos through light demolition, strip outs, strata maintenance, rubbish removal, and asbestos disposal. We have already seen cases in court where people are taking actions against people & businesses for exposing them to these fibres & payouts have been in the millions. Mr. Fibro is just a phone away to offer asbestos fibre removal services and spare you from serious inconveniences.

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    Asbestos Removal

    Asbestos Danger Sign

    How do asbestos fibres enter the atmosphere & threaten us?

    There are a few ways these asbestos fibres can be released into the air and into your lungs, most commonly via the breaking down of fibro & natural erosion.

    When fibro-sheeting or 100s of other building products that contain asbestos such as some vinyls, hardieflex & even backfill which you may have in your yard or under the house are disturbed or broken, fibres are released into the air.

    When products that contain asbestos naturally age, the bonding holding the fibres together deteriorates & releases the fibre with as much as a vibration or the blow of the wind.



    Before Asbestos Removal After Asbestos Removal

    What's the best way to deal with asbestos?

    1. Identifying Asbestos

    2. Asbestos Removal

    Identification is required first to assess if asbestos is present. A report will be produced outlining exactly how much asbestos is in your home. If so required, laboratory identification can also be offered to address any concerns you may have.

    Asbestos has two forms, friable and non-friable asbestos.

    1. Friable asbestos - this type easily crumbles to powder form and can become airborne.
    2. Non-Friable asbestos - this type is tightly bonded with another material. Its fibers cannot easily be made airborne unless sanded, cut, or sawed.

    Both types require asbestos removal and strata maintenance when found in your home to avoid the hazards that they can bring.

    Professional Asbestos Disposal is the Solution!

    Safe removal of asbestos is the next step. Always ensure whichever asbestos disposal company you hire for asbestos removal, strata maintenance or rubbish removal has a licence and insurance. Choosing the wrong asbestos disposal company will only put the health and safety of your family and self in danger.

    Tim Green Sydney Asbestos Removal

    Reliable Asbestos Removal Expert in Sydney

    Tim Green of Mr. Fibro has been offering asbestos fibre removal, strip outs, light demolition, rubbish removal and strata maintenance for over 20 years and works strictly to the highest health & safety standards during asbestos disposal. Being a family business, overheads are lower so we can take care of you at a fraction of the price of other asbestos fibre removal options.

    • Asbestos Roofing
    • Asbestos Wall Sheets
    • Asbestos Kitchens & Bathrooms
    • Asbestos Ceiling
    • Asbestos Garages
    • Asbestos Fencing
    • Asbestos Flooring

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    Tim Green

    Clearance Certificates after Asbestos Removal

    From as little as $200, Mr. Fibro can perform thorough asbestos removal and even provide you with a certificate which gives you peace of mind that the asbestos removal was handled according to the strictest OH & S standards. Rest assured that asbestos fibre removal was taken by a licensed asbestos remover & asbestos disposal done at an approved asbestos tip. This not only gives you peace of mind but also provides you with proof you did everything you possibly could to deal with the task of removing asbestos legally. Choosing asbestos removal specialists could save you a fortune let alone your life.

    Why Choose Mr. Fibro as your Asbestos Removal specialist?

    • We are a fully licensed asbestos removal company
    • We are fully insured ( Public liability + Workers Comp )
    • Works like light demolition, strata maintenance and rubbish removal are carried out to strict OH&S standard
    • Available 24hrs/7 days a week with council approval

    So give Tim a call.... get a free quote from Mr. Fibro and finally start to “Breath Easy” again.

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    Asbestos Information

    Asbestos has to be eliminated in and around your home to avoid the risk of acquiring dreaded diseases like Cancer. It used to be an important material for house construction but after people gained awareness about the health issues related with it, the number of homes that were built using asbestos tremendously decreased.

    Here are some of the most important facts that you have to learn about Asbestos:

    • Asbestos is an organic substance.

    Asbestos is a fibrous crystal and its use was discovered 4,500 years ago. It is a natural element that is commonly mixed with cement for construction purposes but after its health risks are discovered, people became more cautious to prevent exposure to such substance.

    • Asbestos can be found in almost every corner of your home.

    Asbestos-containing products come in different forms including cement, roofing and shingles, pipes, gutters, and even fences so you have to be informed on how asbestos detection can be done. Seek professional help to test materials and find companies that specialise on asbestos removal to eliminate the health risks that may be present in your home.

    • Cement containing asbestos are associated with various health risks.

    In the recent decades, health professionals were clueless about the cause of diseases encountered by many. The onset is sudden but after some trials, they were able to identify asbestos as the main cause of the health problems.

    The solid material that makes up asbestos will not affect people directly but asbestos-related diseases will occur when precautionary measures are not taken to avoid being exposed to the asbestos dust.

    Some of the diseases that are commonly associated with asbestos include:

    • Asbestosis
    • Lung Cancer
    • Mesothelioma
    • Asbestos cement can affect your lungs.

    Asbestos dust is made of extremely small particles and when asbestos fibres are hit, dust is released into the air. Once it enters your system and if the exposure is high, asbestos dust can attach to your lungs making it difficult for the body to eliminate the material. Lung-related disorders can arise because of asbestos and it is absolutely easier to prevent the onset problem than to come up with solutions to cure the disease.

    • Up to the present, asbestos remains to be a popular material for construction.

    In spite of the health risks that asbestos poses, people should be aware that it remains to be a preferred construction material. Its popularity heightened during the 19th century because of the characteristics that made Asbestos indispensable including its capacity to absorb sound, its strength and resistance to fire, electricity, heat, and a number of chemicals.

    • Asbestos removal should be done by professionals.

    For the most efficient results, asbestos removal should be handled by professionals. They are equipped with the necessary protective equipment which will make it easier to find and remove asbestos-containing materials in and around your home.

    Asbestos is the term that describes naturally occurring fibrous materials. These particles are considered as carcinogenic or cancer causing substances and are also associated with various diseases. On December 2003, the manufacture and use of Asbestos products was prohibited in Australia.

    Asbestos products are very common and you cannot afford to disregard the possibility that your home is not free from the harmful material. Don’t put your family’s health at risk. Asbestos should be removed and the best way to do that is by seeking the help of the professionals who can identify and expertly deal with the removal of asbestos from the different corners of your home.

    Asbestos Hazards

    Here is a brief summary that highlights the Asbestos hazards as stated in the “Code of Practice for the Safe Removal of Asbestos 2nd Edition [NOHSC: 2002(2005)]” that the National Occupational Health and Safety Commission (NOHSC) produced to effectively outline the health dangers associated with asbestos.

    Asbestos is a carcinogen and the inhalation of its fibres can lead to Mesothelioma, lung cancer and asbestosis.

    • Malignant Mesothelioma

    Malignant Mesothelioma is a fatal disease. It is described as the Cancer that affects the outer covering of the lung (the pleura) or the abdominal cavity (the peritoneum).

    This dreaded disease can occur if the asbestos fibres are inhaled deep into the lungs and cause damage to the mesothelial cells. Detection is difficult and in most cases, the latency period is between 35 and 40 years.

    Years ago, Mesothelioma is considered as a rare disease but it became more prominent after the industrial world got a lot of people exposed to asbestos. Global statistics show that Australia is the leader in terms of Mesothelioma incidence rate.

    • Lung Cancer

    All types of asbestos can cause lung cancer. Usually the symptoms are not felt during the early stages of the disease and will only surface once lung cancer develops to its advanced stage, leaving people with lesser chance of overcoming the disease. Its latency period is usually takes within the range of 20 to 30 years from the initial exposure to asbestos.

    • Asbestosis

    Asbestosis is a type of lung disease which is the direct result of asbestos fibres inhalation. Asbestos creates a scar on the lung tissue which affects and diminishes the ability of the lungs to transport oxygen to the blood. The latency period of this disease is between 15 and 25 years.

    Airborne asbestos put people’s health at risk so exposure to such material should be prevented accordingly. Measures should be put in place to maintain a level that adheres with the national exposure standard which is 0.1 fibre/ml and effectively control asbestos exposure.

    Asbestos fibres are most dangerous when they are airborne due to any of the following activities -

    • drilling or boring through materials that contain asbestos, such as fibro
    • blowing (compressed air)
    • breaking, cutting or smashing
    • grinding or sanding
    • inspection of fibro by inexperienced people
    • removal of fibro by inexperienced people or companies
    • renovation, demolition and construction work carried out on or surrounding old structures that contain asbestos.

    Anyone can be at risk for asbestos-related hazards and controlling the exposure to such element through extensive asbestos fibre removal will absolutely require the expertise of professionals. Asbestos-related problems can be eliminated but definitely, it is only through professional and effective control and management services including asbestos and rubbish removal, strip outs, and strata maintenance that problems related with asbestos exposure can be eliminated thoroughly.

    Types of Asbestos Removal

    • Asbestos Floor Removal
    • Asbestos Roofing Removal
    • Asbestos Sheet Removal
    • Asbestos Siding Removal
    • Asbestos Tile Removal
    • Removal of Asbestos Insulation
    • Removing Asbestos Walls
    • Removing Asbestos Ceiling Sheets

    Mr. Fibro Services the Following Areas:

    • Sydney
    • Penrith
    • Mt Druitt
    • Richmond
    • St. Mary's
    • Ryde
    • Illawarra
    • Blue Mountains
    • The Hunter Valley
    • Springwood
    • Blackheath
    • Mulgoa
    • Warragamba
    • Katoomba
    • Leura
    • Lithgow
    • South Coast
    • Western Sydney

    Tim Green has 20 years of experience in asbestos removals. Mr. Fibro identifies, remove and dispose deadly materials through strip outs, light demolition, rubbish removal, strata maintenance, and asbestos fibre removal to clients in Sydney area including Penrith, Mt Druitt, Richmond, St. Mary's, Ryde, Illawarra , Blue Mountains, The Hunter Valley, Springwood, Blackheath, Mulgoa, Warragamba, Katoomba, Leura, Lithgow, South Coast, Sydney and Western Sydney.

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